First ASCOS post-expedition workshop held in Lund

Intensive discussions over lunch at the workshopIntensive discussions over lunch at the workshopThe first ASCOS pre-expedition workshop was held in Lund 20 March to 2 April, hosted by Erik Swietlicki and Staffan Sjögren at Lund University. The two first days were filled with plenary presentations and discussions of the many preliminary results, as well as of some more over-riding issues such as publications, data quality and the production of the ASCOS databse.

During the two days that followed, particpants broke up into groups to discuss, the first day in thematic working groups and the second in interdisciplinary groups. The working group results were reported back in plemum on the last day when the workshop results were wrapped up.

Tuesday evening we met over workshop dinner and reminisced over days on the ice - quite a contrast to outside where Lund was offering promises of spring to come!