ASCOS presented at AGU and DAMLOCES meetings

ASCOS posterASCOS posterRecently ASCOS had an invited presentation at the IPY Union Session during the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco. Before that ASCOS was also presented - orally and as a poster (see below) - at the DAMOCLES Annual Meeting, this year in Sopot in Poland. ASCOS won the price for "best poster" so now one of the ASCOS coordindators proudly wears the Tara fleece jacket that was the price. (For those who don't know, Tara is a small ship that was frozen in, in the pack ice and drifted for almost two years across the Arctic in the transpolar dift. Thus, a "cousin" project to ASCOS; much longer but less extensive observations since Tara is quite a bit smaller than Oden).

ASCOS_poster_in_Sopot.pdf1.73 MB