In the pack ice about 87.5N 9.5W 19 August

Everything has now (more or less) fallen into the expedition routine; all groups conduct measurements on a round-the-clock schedule. Almost all instrument systems are up and running; the last 18 hours we have had a problem with very low wind speeds, which increases the risk that the labs on the 4th deck sample air which is contaminated by exhausts from the ship or from snowmobiles on the ice. Another practical problem is the fog that we've had most of the time for a few days; low visibility impedes the possibMelt pondMelt pondility of the lookouts on the bridge to see approaching Polar bears in time, and sometimes stops the work on the ice. Yesterday we turned the ship around in expectation of a wind shift and this morning it had happened, but the wind is still weak. Everyone is starting to feel the exhaustion of working around the clock, but since we have such limited time here we need to make the most of it.